Why Choose GMS?

Simple… the E3 CODE.

When you experience GMS, you quickly notice that the professionals on the floor are comfortable. From GMS Techs to operators we believe when something comes natural, it isn’t forced. When something isn’t forced the experience is pleasing. The E3 CODE is a vital part of our DNA that breeds a pleasant experience from the dealer to the customer.


Security requires dependability and experience. Performing at the highest level earns that respect. GMS is built on a solid reputation for reliability and quick response. We pride ourselves in the ability to provide exceptional central station monitoring and dealer support with over 100 years of combined experience. Using the GMS Team accompanied with the latest technology our dealers are able to deliver uncompromising safety to their residential and commercial customers.


Technology is forever changing. The more it evolves the more predictable. Generally, you know what you will get when purchasing a new “Tech Toy” however, with customer service, you never fully know. This is one of the many reasons we focus highly on the DNA of the GMS Team. From initial interviews, to the ambiance settings and snacks in the break room the GMS experience is proven to create a comfortable atmosphere immediately impacting the way the “E3 CODE” affects your customer.


Retention plays a leading role in the “Alarm World”.  Most dealers would agree that attracting and securing a customer requires a great overall experience. We recruit, hire and coach team members to understand retention and how they participate in the grand scheme. Partnering with the GMS Team will assist you in developing an engaging experience producing brand champions within your business.


✓ CUSTOM CALLER ID – This allows us to show a “Caller ID” of your choice when making outbound calls to your customer.

 ✓ CUSTOM EMAIL ADDRESS – This allows any return e-mail address to show up on your customer reports that is attached to a real email address that grants you access to in the event your customers reply to that e-mail address.

 ✓ DICE DEALER APP This allows you to view accounts through any Apple or Android Smartphone. You can view the full account info as well as place systems in and out of test mode.

 ✓ MATRIX WEB PORTAL– This allows you access to your entire customer base.

 ✓ MAXX MOBILE APP– This allows you or any of your technicians to be able to use the app.

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